Sia Furler — Breathe Me Free piano sheets

My transcription of this song — for piano. With Lyrics and midi.

2 pages.



  1. where can you actually get free sheet music? Because, every site that says they have free piano sheet music, is strait up lying.

    1. You trying to say my site lying or what???

      Easier way to get sheet music — transcribe. I do it. You can download all my works.

      There is still a lot of good sites — scribd, noteflight, musescore, youtube videos.
      Pianofiles closed, I hope swappano get well soon and I again can getting songbooks. It's only way for me to get songbook. In Russia songbooks not exist. If would I live in USA I would go to local library and get billions of new sheet music. (No one american kid bothered go to local library!)

      Also instal musical software and use gtp from ultimateguitar, midi from all around web, midi-preview of recent radio-hits from paid sites have all chorus and part of verse.

      Preview of sheet music from google-books and sheetmusicdirect are useful too.


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